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Classic Tamagotchi returns with new virtual pet keychain

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Tamagotchi Friends
Tamagotchi Friends

The Tamagotchi is back: Bandai has announced that it's bringing the classic virtual pet to European retailers towards the end of December. While the company hasn't exactly let the brand die — earlier this year a Tamagotchi app was released for iOS and Android — the new Tamagotchi Friends line marks a return to the familiar keychain units, complete with a retro black and white display. There is at least some new tech in the devices, however — Bandai says that each unit features "a short range communication function," so that you can bump your Tamagotchi with a friend's in order to exchange messages and gifts for their virtual pets. Unfortunately, while Europeans will be able to get their hands on the new Tamagotchis next month, the rest of us will have to wait — Tamagotchi Friends won't be available in the rest of the world until next fall.