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Boomf makes your Instagram photos edible

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Instagram took over the world by recreating the slow, analog process of instant photography in convenient, retro-filtered digital form. But a cottage industry of startups that turn Instagram photos physical has since sprung up — there have been mini photobooks, canvas prints, and even Polaroid-branded cameras — and the idea has perhaps reached its logical conclusion with the launch of a new service that lets you print your pictures on to marshmallows.

Boomf, a UK-based company, charges £12 (about $19) for a box of nine marshmallows, each emblazoned with an image that you select from your own Instagram library using a simple web app. The company warns that the resolution "isn't Retina display" and that dark photos might not turn out too well, but the results look pretty good, and The Next Web confirms that the marshmallows do taste "exactly like marshmallows."


At over $2 a marshmallow, Boomfs don't come cheap, and the service is only available in the UK for now. But then again, what price can you put on making those countless Instagram dinner shots edible at last?

Update: Boomf is now available in North America.