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Play this: 'The Walking Dead' turns into a strategy game for your browser

Play this: 'The Walking Dead' turns into a strategy game for your browser

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In all of its various incarnations, The Walking Dead is always about the same thing: how we cope with the end of the world. Usually the desperate humans are even scarier than the zombies. Browser game The Narrow Path goes in a different direction: your goal is simply to kill as much as possible, without discriminating between people and the undead. But you don't kill with a shotgun, instead you have an army of zombies to do your dirty work for you. The Narrow Path plays like a simple real time strategy game, letting you guide your zombified soldiers around the screen; once they get close enough to attack someone, they'll do it automatically.

You'll gather resources as you progress thanks to a helpful dog (which, for some reason, has a cat head attached to its back), and these can be used to further expand your army by building new units. Killing specific numbers of enemies also lets you unlock new abilities like stronger or faster zombies. It's a terrific browser diversion, and its rendered in a black and white pixel art style that really evokes the feeling of the comic books. Even better: the creators are looking to expand the experience with new zombies, bad guys, maps, and more. Play it for free at the source link below.