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Xbox Video launches on the web ahead of Windows Phone version

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Xbox Video
Xbox Video

Microsoft is unveiling its Xbox Video web service today, ahead of a planned app release for Windows Phone. The web version, available at, provides the same access to TV shows and movies as the existing Xbox Video app for Windows 8.1, and is designed as a replacement for the company's Zune video service. It's similar in layout to the Xbox Music web version, and you can stream content straight in the browser using Microsoft's Silverlight plug-in. If you've already purchased content using the Windows 8.1 app or on an Xbox One then it's available immediately for streaming. TV shows and movies can also be purchased and streamed on the web, with the content then automatically available on Windows 8 and Xbox One.

One drawback to the web version is that it lacks HD support. Microsoft notes that HD quality playback is only available on Xbox One or Windows 8.1. The software maker is also planning to release a Windows Phone version of Xbox Video shortly, but the app will also lack HD quality support. Microsoft had been expected to launch its Windows Phone Xbox Video app alongside the web launch, but it's clearly not ready just yet. We've reached out to Microsoft for more information on the Windows Phone version, and we'll update you accordingly.