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YouTube for Android code hints at upcoming 'Music Pass' streaming service

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Google Play Music All Access (STOCK)
Google Play Music All Access (STOCK)

Last month, Billboard reported that YouTube would launch a subscription music service of its own, and now some details found within the YouTube Android app appear to back up that rumor. Android Police took a look at the code within the YouTube app and found hints pointing to a Music Pass service that would offer unlimited streaming, offline syncing, background playback, and "no ads on millions of songs." Those certainly sound like essential parts of any premium subscription music service to us, though it's still not at all clear why Google would need to launch another music service after releasing Google Play All Access earlier this year.

There's also some hints of offline video support, including references to offline versions expiring — features that sound like they might go along with a movie rental service. Again, that's a feature that Google already has covered with its Play Movies and TV shows, but YouTube is undoubtably one of the biggest names in all of media. Obviously it's an online video powerhouse, and plenty of people use it to stream music as well — if Google can get some people to opt into a pay service, it should help the company's bottom line.