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Facebook is testing a read-it-later feature to take on Pocket and Instapaper

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Both Instapaper and Pocket offer an easy way to save articles and other content so you can check it out later, but soon Facebook might be offering up a third option: the social network is currently testing a new feature that lets you save links posted to Facebook for later reading. The feature is showing up for some users in Facebook's mobile app — when you use it, articles show up in a "saved" menu listed alongside your Facebook apps.


Whether or not the read-it-later tool becomes a permanent part of Facebook remains to be seen, as the company is known for experimenting with features that are ultimately abandoned. In fact, Facebook previously tested a similar feature last year. "We're constantly testing new features, but we have nothing further to share at this time," the company told All Things D. As of now the feature doesn't appear to be as feature rich as existing services, both of which have made recent strides to add more functionality — a recent Pocket update helps users discover the content they'd be most interested in, while Instapaper's smart sorting tools help you filter your reading list.