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Apple offers Black Friday savings in Europe, gift cards in Australia

Apple offers Black Friday savings in Europe, gift cards in Australia

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For several years, Apple has joined other retailers in discounting various products for Black Friday. Unfortunately for deal hunters, that's not the case this year. When shoppers visit the company's retail stores tomorrow, every Mac, iPad, and iPod will be at its regular price. Instead of lowering the cost of its hardware, the company has opted to include Apple Store gift cards with select purchases. The Australian online store is first to reflect the "deals" — which are available both online and in-store.

Purchase any MacBook Pro, MacBook Air, or iMac and you'll get a $150 AUD ($137 USD) Apple Store gift card. iPad Air buyers will get $75 AUD ($68), though the iPad mini and iPad 2 each come with a $50 AUD ($46) card. The iPod touch is eligible for the same bonus, but buying an iPad nano will only net you $25 AUD ($23) in Apple Store "cash." Apple is also handing out gift cards alongside popular third-party products like the Olloclip, Parrot AR.Drone, the Fitbit Flex, and Beats headphones. You can head over to the Australian Apple Store for the full list of eligible items, and we'll update this post once the US store is updated tomorrow. But keep in mind that plenty of other retailers are legitimately cutting the price of Apple products, and you can keep track of the best deals through our Black Friday StoryStream.

Update: As noted by 9to5Mac, Apple's gift card strategy doesn't apply to the whole world. Deals for European countries including the UK, Germany, and France have gone live; in the UK customers can get £81 ($132) off Macs, 10 percent off iPods, and savings on iPads starting from £31 for the new iPad Air. It's too early to tell what the company's plans for the US will be, but we'll let you know when we do.