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Kim Dotcom's Mega comes to iPhone with file sharing and in-app subscriptions

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Mega iOS
Mega iOS

Kim Dotcom's cloud storage service Mega has arrived on iOS. Nearly five months after the company entered mobile by way of Android, it's now launched an iOS 7 app that lets users manage content stored in their cloud locker. Mega for iOS can preview or stream supported media files, and also lets you send file and folder links directly within the app. Somewhat surprisingly, you can even subscribe to Mega's premium tier via in-app purchase, which means that Apple is taking a cut of each $10.99 monthly payment from Mega's users. That subscription gets you 500 GB of storage and 1000 GB of bandwidth each month, though Mega does offer even more capacity for purchase on its website. The company says that a version for iPad is planned for the near future, and it's also working to deliver automatic photo backup/sync a la Dropbox.