For our feature comparing next gen games, we spent a lot of time testing — playing through graphically-challenging scenes, collecting screenshots and video clips, carefully examining graphics and shaders, watching for framerate drops, and having precious little fun. Here, you can find a complete collection of matched screenshots that you can use to compare various platforms to each other, plus full resolution images.

We've examined six different multi-platform games across four different consoles, plus an extra game exclusive to each platform. That makes for ten discrete titles and a grand total of 29 discs we've slotted into various consoles. We did our best to match what most gamers will see: that means we left brightness settings at their default levels and didn't alter the final screenshots (though some image compression is inevitable when publishing to the web). The images comparing the two next-gen consoles have been cropped to the full width of the webpage to allow you to see individual scenes unscaled. We've also included the full-resolution files from each platform as individual links. Enjoy the fruits of our labors below (you can slide the divider on each image to compare), and read all the analysis in our full piece.