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Moto G now available for pre-order from Amazon, will be available on December 4th

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Moto G stock
Moto G stock

Motorola's ultra-affordable Moto G smartphone went up for pre-order quite a bit earlier than expected, and now the phone's available on Amazon, as well. You can pre-order the GSM version of the Moto G with either 8GB or 16GB of storage now for $179.99 or $199.99, respectively. Orders will ship a little later than those direct from Motorola — Amazon's site says it'll be released on December 4th, a few days past Motorola's December 2nd ship date. You won't save any money over ordering directly from Motorola, but if you're interested in the Moto G and have some Amazon gift cards burning a hole in your pocket (or just prefer to give Amazon your hard-earned cash), the time to buy is now.