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FIFA launches official apps for iOS and Android

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FIFA app
FIFA app

With the 2014 World Cup Final Draw only days away, FIFA has launched official apps for both iOS and Android. Available now, the app provides live score updates for "85 of the world’s top leagues" (including MLS in the United States) according to FIFA. Thankfully it offers news, standings, statistics, and photos / video for even more teams: in total, 197 leagues across the globe are included. Users can expect news on "hundreds of competitions, thousands of goals and over a million minutes of football every single week," FIFA says. In-depth tournament coverage and the latest FIFA Coca-Cola World Rankings are also part of the official app. Naturally the upcoming World Cup in Brazil is a huge focus, and FIFA says you'll be able to stream the Final Draw live on December 6th. The official FIFA app — not to be confused with the wildly popular game — can be downloaded from the App Store and Google Play.