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How fast are those iOS 7 animations flying at your face?

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iOS 7 lead (1024px)
iOS 7 lead (1024px)

The first version of iOS created a very direct relationship between the iPhone and its user. When you tapped on a link, it opened, and when you pinched your fingers on a photo, it got bigger. But with the latest version of iOS, Apple took these kinds of animations and skeuomorphic physics to the next level. BuzzFeed FWD's John Herrman extrapolates the physics of iOS 7 to the real world, where an app on your home screen is actually five feet away from you.

"If iOS animations suggest that the icons are falling away from you, they are falling about 5 feet, and moving pretty fast," he writes. "Assuming it takes about 0.8 seconds for this animation to complete, the app is moving at an average of about 6.6 feet per second, or about 4.5 miles per hour." Herrman's findings won't have much of an impact on the way anyone uses iOS 7, but provide a rare, empirical measurement of the secret sauce Apple used to make its latest mobile OS so lively, and for some, sickening.