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Photographer sends tiny versions of himself to prospective clients

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Jens Lennartsson
Jens Lennartsson

Passing around business cards, cards, resumes, and elaborate social media stunts to find your next gig? You're being outdone by a Malmö, Sweden-based photographer, Jens Lennartsson, who created an army of miniature copies of himself to send to magazines and other firms that he thought might be able to find use for his skills.

Of course, the story is a little more complicated than that: Lennartsson went through Alibaba — the Chinese business-to-business site best known to many Westerners for its relationship with Yahoo — to find a supplier that could churn out a bunch of action figures bearing his likeness. Four hundred dolls ("GI Jens," as he calls them) and three months later, it was on to the boxing phase, where details on Lennartsson's capabilities and contact information can be found. The PR stunt undoubtedly wasn't cheap, but it just might get him some work — either that, or it'll creep out the very people he's trying to woo.