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Ghosts, giant babies, and the other highlights of Tokyo Designers Week

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Tokyo Designers Week, the Japanese capital's annual celebration of art, design, and all that's in between, returned to Aoyama in 2013 bigger than ever. Few other events in the world see the likes of Samsung, Adobe, and Nike rubbing shoulders with unsettling artworks such as Ryuhow's "Mother" (pictured above), which walks the line between creepy and haunting.

As ever, though, it's the kind of event best explained with pictures rather than words — so scroll down to see the best of what we saw.

Tokyo Designers Week 2013 photos


Mamoris is a seat that can be worn as a helmet in emergency situations — a constant worry in earthquake-prone Japan. The name comes from the Japanese words mamoru, meaning "protect," and isu, meaning "chair."