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Amazon discounts Kindles for a day in celebration of new FAA rules

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Kindle Good Deal
Kindle Good Deal

Amazon is today celebrating the FAA's relaxed stance on in-flight electronics the best way it knows how: the online retailer is holding a sale. For one day only, Amazon is cutting 15 percent from the cost of its 7-inch Kindle Fire HDX, Kindle Fire HD, and the entry-level $69 Kindle. You can redeem Amazon's offer by entering promotional code "ThnksFAA" during the checkout process. The discount brings the 7-inch HDX down to $195, with the Kindle Fire HD falling to $118. Amazon's base Kindle drops to just $59 with the savings, but unfortunately the Kindle Paperwhite – perhaps the best e-reader on the market right now – isn't part of today's promotion. Still, if your heart is set on any of the devices that are eligible, today might be a good time to hit the buy button. Just make sure your airline has given the green light before you start using your new Kindle during takeoff and landing.