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Nokia Lumia 525 pictured in leaked images

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Lumia 525 (TENAA)
Lumia 525 (TENAA)

Nokia’s Lumia 520 has been pushing Windows Phone’s marketshare along thanks to its low cost, and it appears its replacement, the Lumia 525, will arrive shortly. Photos of the Lumia 525 have leaked today thanks to Chinese certification agency TENAA. It looks to be almost identical to the existing Lumia 520 on the outside, with a rear camera and similar styling. Rumors suggest it will ship with a dual-core Qualcomm processor, 1GB of RAM, a 5-megapixel camera, and with a focus on music.

It could be one of the most important Lumias yet. Nokia recently hit a record of 8.8 million Lumia sales and the company admitted it was largely due to the Lumia 520. Adduplex, a firm that measures the usage statistics of Windows Phones, claims Nokia's Lumia 520 is the most popular Windows Phone worldwide with a 23 percent market share. If Nokia’s upcoming Lumia 525 is priced similarly then it will likely help Microsoft push its Windows Phone marketshare even further. It’s not clear exactly when Nokia plans to announce the Lumia 525, but with the device passing through certification it appears to be close to launching, perhaps before the end of the year.