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Machinima expands beyond YouTube with new Twitch channel

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Machinima logo
Machinima logo

Machinima's massively popular gaming videos are moving beyond YouTube thanks to a new partnership with streaming service Twitch. The deal will see Machinima content featured on a new Twitch channel, and it starts today with a week-long Call of Duty: Ghosts marathon. While Machinima has already seen plenty of success on YouTube, the company says Twitch was a particularly appealing partner because of its focus on live events. "Twitch has such a massive audience," says Ryan Wyatt, director of Machinima Live. "We've always wanted to scale up our live offerings."

"We've always wanted to scale up our live offerings."

Machinima has previously partnered with Hollywood studios in order to expand its video offerings, and has even received investment from Google. As of June Machinima's YouTube channel had more than eight million subscribers and 4.3 billion views. The service also has an app available on the Xbox 360, and another coming to the soon-to-launch Xbox One.

Twitch, meanwhile, has seen most of its success come from the rising popularity of competitive gaming. Most recently the streaming service announced a partnership with Minecraft, which will let players stream their experience from directly in the game. As part of the new partnership, Machinima will be featuring both "existing and new highly sought-after programs" on its Twitch channel. "This partnership is a huge step forward in extending Machinima's reach to other platforms," says Machinima CEO Allen DeBevoise.