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Nintendo is bringing the Wii Mini to America for $99.99

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Wii Mini
Wii Mini

The 2DS won't be the only curious piece of Nintendo hardware available in time for the holidays — the company has announced that it will be bringing the Wii Mini to the US later this month. The console, which has no internet capabilities and originally launched only in Canada last year, will be launching for $99.99 sometime in mid-November. The Wii Mini also isn't backwards compatible with Nintendo Gamecube games and has no SD slot, all decisions made to make the console available at the cheapest price possible. To sweeten the deal, it will come bundled with one of the Wii's more popular games, Mario Kart Wii. The news comes as Nintendo has stopped production of the original Wii in Japan, while the console's follow-up, the Wii U, has struggled to match its predecessor's success.