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Nike releases Move app to turn your iPhone 5S into a FuelBand

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nike move
nike move

Nike+ Move, the fitness-tracking app shown off by Apple at the iPhone 5S announcement event, is now available in the App Store. Move makes use of the iPhone 5S's M7 motion coprocessor, which continuously records movement data from the phone's gyroscope, accelerometer, and compass. The app collates this information to give you feedback about your activity and measures it in NikeFuel, in much the same way as Nike's wrist-worn FuelBand.

Since the M7 chip constantly gathers data in the background, Nike+ Move launches for the first time with 10 days of activity information already stored in its history. It isn't as advanced as the dedicated app that pairs with the FuelBand, but it looks to carry out its basic movement-tracking function well — and of course, you don't have to wear anything on your wrist to use it. Nike+ Move is free and requires an iPhone 5S.