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Windows Phone Market Gains (Overtakes iOS in Italy)


Here are some stats, even if TheVerge won't report it, it's interesting to see where WP is gaining traction, I wish it was here (US) more than EU, as it means that more apps will be developed for other users... (not me).

I'm assuming this is mostly in Nokia Lumia 520 sales, because it's really the cheapest smartphone available, full stop. un-subsidized it's like $89 and it's got most of the bells and whistles of a 2011 flagship phone (aside from the front facing camera grrrr).

anyway here's the link:

From the article:

In the UK, Windows Phone-based devices make up 11.4 percent of the market, though Android remains top dog with 58.4 percent while Apple’s iOS has dipped by 1.0 percentage point to 27 percent.