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Rare white Xbox One auctioned by UK charity

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White Xbox One
White Xbox One

Microsoft built a white Xbox One just for its employees that worked to build the console, with no immediate plans to release it publicly. However, UK charity GamesAid is auctioning off one of the rare variants on eBay. The console is a commemorative special edition designed for Xbox One launch team members, and the auction includes the white console, white controller, Kinect sensor, headset, and a special launch team achievement alongside the regular day one achievement.

Bidding has already almost reached $2,000, and the auction ends this Friday. Unfortunately for bidders, GamesAid isn’t shipping the console until November 22nd so the lucky winner won’t be getting it early. Alongside the white console auction, there’s also a promotional auction for a number of custom-themed Xbox Ones, including ones with Dead Rising 3 or Forza 5 skins attached. You’ll need to collect Mountain Dew or packets of Doritos for those particular consoles though. For everyone else, Microsoft’s Xbox One console goes on sale on November 22nd.