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Google Now for iOS up to par with Android app, updated with notifications, reminders, and more

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Google Now iOS Press Image
Google Now iOS Press Image

Google Now for iOS has received a major update today that brings it near feature parity with the Android version of the app. The update for the Google Search app, perhaps most notably, brings notifications to the app for the very first time. The feature has long been a central part of the Google Now app for Android. Instead of relying on user searches, notifications bring information to you when the app thinks it is relevant. For instance, Now will pop up a notification in the morning telling you it's time to leave for your calendar appointment or if your flight is delayed.

The update also brings handsfree controls to the app. With the Google Search app open, you can now say "OK, Google" and then ask it a question. Additionally, the new version includes support for reminders, which are similar to the same feature included with Siri. The app will use your time and location to remind you when appropriate, and Google says that you can also set reminders for news items such as when a musician releases a new album.

Feature parity won't last for long, as Google's set to update Android app very soon

Lastly, the latest version of the app includes a handful of new cards. Movie, concert, and event tickets will now show, as will select boarding passes and car reservations. Google Now can also pop up a card for when the last train home leaves for the night.

The new changes bring the iOS app very close to equal with the Android app, but unfortunately Google's already announced a major update for the Android version that will be released in just a couple of weeks. Among new cards and other features, the app will allow users to search for specific items within apps.