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Everpix, T-Mobile, and 'Star Wars': 90 Seconds on The Verge

Everpix, T-Mobile, and 'Star Wars': 90 Seconds on The Verge

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The Fifth of November is an important day to remember, but not because of Guy Fawkes Day. This date holds a special place in my heart. I shall never forget that evening in November of 1999. The N64 controller was practically slipping from my hands due to the constant flow of sweat seeping from my palms. This was hour eight of Mario Party and I had yet to beat my fellow players in the fishing game. The center of my palm turned bloody and raw from reeling in my line. Alas, this was the final mini game of the night. My eyes turned bloodshot as the sugar rush I had previously been feeling faded. However at the last minute, I managed to find my courage from deep within my being as I cast out my line towards the treasure chest. Reel. Reel. Reel. I clenched my teeth and held back tears as I pulled my prize in. 3...2...1. At the final second, I pulled my gold ashore and reveled in all its glory. I was a winner.

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Hosted by Nathan Cykiert. Written by Nathan Cykiert and Ross Miller. Video and Production by Christian Mazza.