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Apple orders shutdown of site that helps people find Apple products

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iPhone 5S 1024
iPhone 5S 1024

Each year Apple refreshes its flagship iPad and iPhone devices, and they attract thousands of shoppers queueing at its stores around the world on release day. For those not wishing to brave the cold, alternatives include ordering online or checking back regularly at stores after stocks deplete. However, one talented web developer created an Apple tracking site this year to help consumers locate new iPhone 5S and iPad Air devices. Similar sites, including Apple's own version, have appeared over the years, but Apple isn’t happy about this one.

In a DMCA takedown notice issued to, an Apple representative notes that the site “scrapes and collects data from in violation of the Internet Service Terms of Use.” The site owner, known simply as Mordy, has decided to shut the site down immediately as per Apple’s request. “I'm not really interested in picking a fight with apple so... I guess it time to just say goodbye,” says the site owner. When it was up and running, the site allowed consumers to search for iPad or iPhone stock using a ZIP code, with filters for a particular model and carrier selection. Apple’s refreshed iPad mini is set to go on sale later this month with almost guaranteed stock shortages, but shoppers will have to resort to less automated, more traditional, methods of locating stock for that particular device.

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