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Apple promises iWork updates after complaints of missing features

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iWork (apple stock)
iWork (apple stock)

Apple is responding to complaints from iWork users who have been saying that the new applications unveiled last month were missing major features, making the software far less powerful than it used to be. Apple is now promising that a number of additional features will be added to each of its iWork apps within the next six months, including toolbar customizations and better AppleScript support — a full list of feature additions can be found at Apple's site. All three of the applications are said to have been rewritten from the ground up, which led to a number of existing features getting left behind in the process.

Though it's possible that features were missing for lack of development time, Apple has shown a pattern over the last several years of updating its software with new versions that are streamlined but less capable, always to the disapproval of some who relied on the apps. Traditionally, Apple's iWork apps have received small updates throughout their lifespans, but they very rarely received new major features. But Apple says that it'll now continue to reintroduce features in the next several releases of its iWork apps, and that it will continue to add new ones going forward as well.