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Departing BlackBerry CEO pens letter to employees as company's 'biggest fan'

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RIM CEO Thorsten Heins
RIM CEO Thorsten Heins

In a letter to BlackBerry employees earlier this week, former CEO Thorsten Heins says he remains the company's "biggest fan" even after handing over the reins to interim CEO John Chen, and will continue to be "cheering from the sidelines." It's no surprise that he has such encouraging words for his former company, as security filings show that Heins stands to make up to $22 million following his departure from the floundering business.

The full text, printed by the Wall Street Journal, reveals a tame Heins thanking employees and expressing hope for the company in the "capable hands" of Chen. BlackBerry's new CEO is best known for overseeing the turnaround of Sybase, which one research firm pegged as having a 70 percent chance of failure when Chen stepped on board. BlackBerry would need a similar revival, and for Heins — who collects an enormous check on this way out of the door — it's easy to stay positive as he leaves the struggling company.