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RunKeeper for iOS now tracks your runs in the background thanks to M7 support

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RunKeeper for iOS - M7 update
RunKeeper for iOS - M7 update

When Apple introduced the M7 "motion coprocessor" in the iPhone 5S it presented the addition as a boon for fitness apps, and RunKeeper is releasing an update to take advantage of its capabilities. With a new feature dubbed "Pocket Track," RunKeeper will now be able to track walking activity without needing to be triggered by the user. After users opt into background tracking, walks of 15 minutes or longer are logged, and when they check the app at the end of the day they'll be given the option to add them to their daily activity list. The M7 will also let the app track the number of steps per minute users are taking during a given run, surfacing the data with a new cadence chart.

While the M7 and Pocket Track are exclusive to the 5S, the entire iPhone 5 line can take advantage of the app's new AirDrop support. Users will be able to use the protocol for friend requests when they're near other RunKeeper enthusiasts, and it will also be an option when sharing workout routines. The updated app will be available for download today.