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AT&T will include Lookout security software on all Android devices from now on

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AT&T logo (STOCK)
AT&T logo (STOCK)

Security is a sensitive subject for Android users: Google has long maintained that anti-virus and malware prevention software isn't a necessity on its platform, but companies like Symantec regularly sound the alarm bells and warn that the threat is growing. Whatever the case may be, AT&T is done taking chances. Lookout Security today announced that it will be bundling its software on all AT&T Android devices from here on out, offering subscribers yet another layer of protection atop Google's system-level defenses.

And while any piece of added "bloatware" is often cause for complaint, Lookout has proven enormously popular with the Android community. The app currently holds a 4.5-star review average on Google Play. Before Google finally rolled out device tracking, Lookout was also one of the best tools for locating a lost or stolen Android smartphone. We've reached out to Lookout for details on whether the app will be removable on AT&T hardware once the deal takes effect. But even if not, we've seen much worse examples of software needlessly being crammed onto carrier devices. Of course, once you've had time to test it out, you'll still need to decide if Lookout's services are worth paying for.