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The second 'RoboCop' remake trailer shows off Samuel L. Jackson and killer robots

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We've got a second trailer for next year's RoboCop remake, and just like the first, it's pointing to a philosophically inclined big-budget action movie: there's a lot of talk about conscience, corporatism, and free will, then a lot of gunfights, then a lot of explosions. Gary Oldman is a doctor, Michael Keaton is an impossibly cynical executive, and Samuel L. Jackson is a pro-RoboCop propaganda master. And if this trailer is any indication, the filmmakers love showing off the redesigned RoboCop suit.

The trailer plays its action straight, excising the over-the-top satirical violence found in the original Robocop, and it doesn't have the original's backdrop of Reaganism and 1980s inner-city violence — it's apparently drawn more from the sanitized, abstract idea of things like drone warfare. Whatever it is, we'll have to wait until February 2014 to find out.