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Facebook chooses Boston as the site for its fifth engineering team

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Facebook Boston
Facebook Boston

While New York and San Francisco are undeniably huge tech centers in the US, Boston has some impressive credentials of its own. The city is well known for its academic institutes, a growing tech startup scene — and massive companies like Microsoft, Twitter, and Google have a presence in the area as well. Now, Facebook's officially joining that list: the company just announced the creation of a new Boston engineering team. This marks the fifth formal engineering center for Facebook, joining others in Menlo Park, Seattle, London, and New York.

Facebook actually has had a presence in the city for some two and a half years — in a blog post, team leader Ryan Mack recounts how a small remote team in Boston worked on major projects like the Timeline and Photos products. That team is getting more formalized now and looking to hire additional hands, though Mack notes the team will start small. Initial projects will focus on infrastructure challenges like networking, storage, and security — Facebook should soon be posting open positions on its careers page.