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Alarmclock wakes you up with the time you'll die

Alarmclock wakes you up with the time you'll die


A true wake up call

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Its name may make it sound like a regular old alarm clock, but Alarmclock is aiming to do something different: actually alarm you. As the project's Kickstarter page explains, "nothing gets you up in the morning like the things that keep you up at night," and to that end the device's array of LED lights help you greet the day with potentially depressing information. You'll be able to see how much money you have in the bank, how many people know you exist, and how many days you have left to live.

"Alarmclock cares enough to tell you the truth."

These aren't guesses, either, but are instead culled from real world information like your social network connections and your health and lifestyle. "Alarmclock cares enough to tell you the truth," the page explains. It's still just a concept, but the charming wooden box has already more than doubled its modest $7,000 crowdfunding goal, and the creators expect to start shipping devices by this coming January — plenty of time to get your life in order.