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Microsoft working to fix Windows Phone Facebook integration

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Facebook WP error
Facebook WP error

Microsoft has confirmed some Windows Phone users are experiencing issues with the built-in Facebook integration. Problems started around 12 hours ago, with multiple Verge readers experiencing issues syncing to the Facebook service. The Verge has experienced identical issues with Windows Phone handsets, with devices failing to sync with a 83CF1104 error. Microsoft’s Joe Belfiore says the Facebook team "is working on a fix as we speak."

At present some Windows Phone users will experience the error message, but it appears status messages and some of the news portions of the integration still work. Contact photo updates and Facebook Chat does not appear to be working due to the sync error. The Facebook issues come just weeks after Microsoft confirmed problems with the built-in Twitter integration causing excessive data usage. We’ve reached out to Microsoft to clarify whether Facebook or a team within Microsoft is working on the problem, but a fix for the issues appears to be forthcoming.