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Wonder Woman rumored to be part of Batman–Superman movie

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batman superman
batman superman

The untitled sequel to this year's Man of Steel will feature Wonder Woman alongside Batman and Superman, according to a new report. Variety says producers are considering actresses Gal Gadot of Fast and Furious, Elodie Yung of GI Joe Retaliation, and Olga Kurylenko of Quantum of Solace. The actress ultimately may instead be cast as a love interest for Bruce Wayne, Variety reports, but the casting description calls for an "athletic and exotic" actress that matches the description of Diana Prince's alter ego.

Due in July 2015, the sequel will star Man of Steel's Henry Cavill as Superman and Ben Affleck as Batman. According to Variety, additional members of the Justice League might appear in the film, including The Flash. Man of Steel's Zach Snyder will return as director.