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Night of the living dead 1020 george pfau
Night of the living dead 1020 george pfau

Zombiescapes: painting the undead apocalypse

George Pfau is an artist intrigued by zombies. Since graduating with an MFA from California College of the Arts in 2010, Pfau has dedicated a large chunk of his professional life to the study of the undead. He's given numerous lectures on the subject across the country, and, as Boing Boing reports, most recently created Zombiescapes, a series of oil paintings that captures famous scenes from a number of classic horror movies and TV shows.

Pfau's technique and methodology is explained in a video released by the artist. Unsurprisingly, filmmaker George A. Romero's work features heavily in Zombiescapes, with Night of the Living Dead encapsulated by impressionistic strokes of gray, and Dawn of the Dead's Mall formed by a pointillistic series of dots.

For fans of the zombie genre, Zombiescapes is a fun trip through some of its highlights, spanning several decades of classic movies.

Images published under Creative Commons license. For more of George Pfau's work, visit the Zombiescapes website.

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