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Blockbuster ending all in-store movie rentals on Saturday, November 9th

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Blockbuster Retail Store Closing 1024
Blockbuster Retail Store Closing 1024

Tomorrow will be your very last chance to rent a movie from a Blockbuster store. After confirming the closure of its remaining stores and disc-by-mail service, Blockbuster has tweeted that Saturday, November 9th will mark the end of in-store rentals at all locations. Even after its physical presence disappears, parent company Dish will hold on to licensing rights for the Blockbuster brand and retain the company’s "significant" video library. Dish has said Blockbuster's disc-by-mail service will be shut down in December.

Blockbuster On Demand, a competitor to streaming services like Netflix that ultimately spelled doom for video-rental stores, will remain in operation. With a vast majority of consumers now turning to digital services for their entertainment needs, the company's undoing should surprise no one. But if you're the nostalgic type, this weekend marks one last opportunity to round up the family for a trip to Blockbuster — assuming the "Blockbuster Video Living Museum" imagined by The Onion doesn't come to pass.