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US Airways and Alaska Airlines now allow electronics during all phases of flight

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US Airways
US Airways

First it was JetBlue and Delta. Then American and United joined in. Now, US Airways is the latest airline letting customers use electronic devices during all phases of flight. The new freedom, which comes thanks to relaxed FAA guidelines, is in effect as of today, and passengers may use their e-books, tablets and smartphones, during taxi, takeoff and landing — with cellular devices in airplane mode, of course.

Today's announcement applies to US Airways mainline aircraft, and the company says it's working with "all partner airlines operating as US Airways Express to ensure timely implementation of their individual programs. Those apparently require separate FAA approval. "US Airways applauds the FAA's decision to expand the use of personal electronics onboard and thanks the agency and its team of experts for their diligence in examining this issue," said Kerry Hester, the airline's senior VP of customer experience.

Update: Alaska Airlines has also joined the list of carriers which allow personal electronics use during all phases of flight.