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Microsoft cutting off Xbox Video support for Windows Phone 7 and Zune this February

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Xbox Video
Xbox Video

In February, Microsoft will pull the plug on Xbox Video for anyone still using the Zune PC software, Zune devices, and Windows Phone 7 smartphones. This means that any content you've previously purchased will no longer play on the affected hardware. Microsoft says this is the result of a video catalog update that will allow the company "to more quickly and efficiently add the highest quality video content to the Xbox Video service." You still own any content you've already purchase, of course. Microsoft is quick to remind users that they'll still be able to watch on a PC or Mac at Xbox One, Xbox 360, Windows 8 / 8.1 tablets, and Windows Phone 8 devices are also all capable of Xbox Video playback. But if you're still carrying around old hardware, you may want to consider upgrading before February.