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Apple's '12 Days of Gifts' giveaway coming to US for the first time

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For the past few years, Apple has given its users in Europe, Canada, Japan, and some other countries 12 days of free downloads to celebrate Christmas. Those gifts take the form of a free video, song, game, book, or app, which are delivered through the company's 12 Days of Gifts (previously known as "12 Days of Christmas") app for iPhone and iPad. Strangely, the giveaway has never been available to Americans, but today that's changing with the launch of this year's app, which is available in the US, Europe, Russia, Japan, and other territories.

12 Days of Gifts can be downloaded today and, if you ask it to, can be set to ping you with notifications when new gifts are available. While there are no clues as to what gifts Apple will be handing out this time, and items will vary from country to country, in previous years it's given away games like Score! Classic Goals, Broken Sword, and Sonic Jump, episodes of TV shows like Sherlock and How I Met Your Mother, classic movies like Chaplin's Modern Times, and music videos and tracks from One Direction, Kesha, and Maroon 5. The giveaways start December 26th and run through to January 6th.