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Evernote already earning nearly a third of revenue from new online store

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evernote notebooks crop
evernote notebooks crop

Evernote's new online store — which sells branded supplies from backpacks to scanners — is off to a strong start. Just over two months after launch, Evernote Market has started to account for 30 percent of the company's monthly revenue, reports TechCrunch. It also reportedly reached $1 million in sales during its first month with backpacks, an Adonit iPad stylus, and a Fujitsu scanner serving as its top sellers so far. And it isn't only paying Evernote users who are flocking to the shop: 11 percent of its customers reportedly don't use Evernote.

Some of the products choose image over integration

Despite being a departure for the company, Evernote Market appears to be a success so far. At launch, Evernote described the store to us as a natural extension of its app and website — a collection of tools that can help users remember everything they need to know. They don't necessarily integrate with the app (its wallets, backpacks, and socks are stylish, but nothing more), but they seem to flesh out a picture of the smart and composed Evernote user. And that picture appears to be something fans and more are interested in.

CNET reports that Evernote Premium — a subscription that offers more features for the app and website — now accounts for 61 percent of the company's revenue, falling from 89 percent before the launch of Evernote Market. Evernote Business makes up the remaining 9 percent. The details came out while Evernote CEO Phil Libin was speaking at the LeWeb conference in Paris today. When asked about the possibility of Evernote going public, Libin seems to have shrugged off the suggestion for now. "Two or three years from now, we'll go public," Libin said, reports CNET. "It's not something we're rushing towards."