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Amazon's Cloud Drive Photos app now backs up your iOS videos, runs natively on iPad

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amazon cloud drive photo ios better
amazon cloud drive photo ios better

Amazon's Cloud Drive Photos app ranks among the simplest and best ways to back up your mobile photo collection. Today it's been updated on iOS with two big features: Cloud Drive Photos now runs natively on the iPad, and it will finally upload videos you've recorded for safekeeping on Amazon's servers. Clips up to 20 minutes in length can be backed up (file size is also limited to 2GB), and if you enable auto-upload, Amazon will dig back through your entire iOS camera roll to ensure that all of your content is in the cloud. Sure, Apple's own iCloud temporarily stores your photos, but Apple itself has clarified that Photo Stream isn't meant to be a permanent solution. When it comes to online backups, there are few safer places to keep your memories than on Amazon's servers. Amazon Cloud Drive Photos is available now for iOS, iPad, and Android, and users receive 5GB of complimentary cloud storage to get started. The app's in dire need of better organization and sorting tools, but if all you're after is data redundancy, it's a great choice.