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Google Play gets improved recommendations thanks to Google+

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Google Play redesign stock 640
Google Play redesign stock 640

Google's been unifying its many products and services over the last year or so, with Google+ integration playing a major role in much of that initiative. Today, the company is bringing a few more Google+ cues to Google Play — users will now have a new profile within the Google Play Android app that contains all of their +1 recommendations, reviews, or ratings. It'll also feature more recommendations from friends, family, or presumably anyone else that you've added to a Google+ circle. From there, you can tap on anyone's avatar to see their full list of +1 recommendations and reviews. Given the vast amount of content available in Google Play, having more personalized recommendations and the ability to see what your friends are checking out will hopefully help users find better content. As with so many Google products, this new feature will be rolling out gradually over the next few days.