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Xbox One system update rolling out today, improves TV feature and dashboard performance

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Xbox One 1024px
Xbox One 1024px

Microsoft is releasing its first Xbox One system update today following the release of the console on November 22nd. The update will be released at 8PM ET today and Xbox One consoles with the “Instant On” feature will be automatically updated in the background while the system is in standby. Microsoft's first Xbox One patch addresses a number of bugs that owners have reported, including inconsistent notifications and SmartGlass connection problems.

Other improvements include updates to the Xbox One’s TV feature with content updates for what Microsoft describes as “scaling over time.” The wireless networking driver for the console has also been updated to improve connectivity alongside improvements to multiplayer games when re-joining sessions. Microsoft is also promising that it has “quite a few updates” planned for next year based on the feedback from existing Xbox One owners. If your Xbox One is on standby then the update process is automatic today, otherwise you’ll be required to download and install the update after Thursday, December 12th.