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Led Zeppelin launching on Spotify today, says NYT

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Led Zeppelin LP cover crop
Led Zeppelin LP cover crop

Spotify has reportedly signed an exclusive deal that will bring Led Zeppelin's back catalogue to the streaming service. The New York TImes reports the deal will be announced at an event today, where it's believed Spotify will also unveil its plans for an extended free music service for mobile users.

Led Zeppelin is one of a number of prestigious groups to withhold their music from streaming services, having only agreed to let Apple sell their albums through iTunes in 2007. Others missing include The Beatles, AC/DC, and Radiohead frontman Thom Yorke, who publicly pulled his music from the service calling it "unfair to new artists." Spotify's event is scheduled to take place this morning in New York City, so we shouldn't have long to wait to discover the details of both the Led Zeppelin deal and the new music service.