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Watch this: 2013's most popular movies in 7 minutes

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The compilation to end all compilations

filmography 2013
filmography 2013

Last year, editor Genevieve Ip wowed us with her Filmography 2012, an expertly cut compilation that stitched together scenes from over 300 movies. Now, Ip has released Filmography 2013, which, like her previous work, stands as a definition of both the year in cinema and the position film takes in our culture. The compilation is split into five thematic sections: Words, Origins, Evil, Death and Love, and Time, with each segment exquisitely pulling together seemingly disparate work into one cohesive thread.

Sadly, Ip says Filmography 2013, which is only her fourth annual cut, is likely to be her last. For those interested, there's a complete list of the films and music featured in the compilation over at the Filmography 2013 Tumblr, along with a detailed explanation of Ip's thematic choices for each section.