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Spotify launches in 20 new markets throughout Latin America and Europe

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Spotify South American Markets
Spotify South American Markets

Spotify will be expanding into 20 new markets today, largely located throughout South and Central America. The expansion brings Spotify's locations from 35 up to 55, and brings it to locations including Chile, Guatemala, Ecuador, and Nicaragua. It's also headed to a few new European countries, including Hungary, Cyprus, and Slovakia. In addition to its traditional service, Spotify says that all of these new markets have access to the smartphone and tablet features that it announced today as well.

4.5 billion hours of music streamed this year

The expansion was announced at a press conference this morning, where Spotify CEO Daniel Ek also illustrated just how active its current user base has been. His statistics were highlighted by the detail that users have streamed 4.5 billion hours of music over the last year alone. Spotify playlists have also seen significant traction, with 1.5 million being created each day for a total of 1.5 billion made to date. Its Follow button has also seen some success, with over 300 million follows occurring since the feature was announced last year.

Spotify didn't give an update on how many users it had, but as of March, the company said that it had over 6 million paying users and over 24 million active users. With its expansion today, those numbers could grow a lot bigger soon.