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The Syrian Electronic Army is allegedly conducting a live interview right now

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syrian electronic army
syrian electronic army

One of the core members of the hacker collective known as the Syrian Electronic Army (SEA) is allegedly conducting a live interview via instant message right now.

The discussion with hacker "Th3Pr0" is being moderated by Matthew Keys, the former deputy social media editor at Reuters who was indicted for conspiring with members of the hacker group Anonymous (he's denied the charges). The audience is invited to ask questions.

Keys says the SEA, which is credited with targeting media organizations from Twitter to The Guardian, is composed of four young students angered by media stories about the conflict in Syria. Reporting by The Verge suggests the group is closer to eight core members, likely male, aged 18 to 20.

Th3Pr0 will take questions for an hour

The SEA supports the Syrian government in the country's civil war against the rebels. It targets media organizations it believes to be guilty of biased reporting. This includes most major Western news sources. However, Th3Pr0 did give a shoutout to investigative journalists like Robert Fisk and Seymour Hersh, who "have proven themselves without agenda over time."

Th3Pr0 will take questions for an hour. Keys says the internet is bad in Syria right now, however, and may cut out early. There's no way to know if Keys is actually speaking to a member of the hacker collective, but the official SEA Twitter account endorsed the interview with a retweet.