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Twitter becomes a better TV remote control as ABC, AMC, and Fox sign up for See It

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Comcast See It
Comcast See It

It's been obvious for some time that Twitter sees television as a major way in which it can participate in, drive, and profit from the broader cultural conversation. It's about to become an even more useful tool, thanks to a number of new partners signing up for Twitter and Comcast's See It platform.

Announced earlier this year, See It essentially lets you use Twitter conversations to record or turn on television shows. If NBC's The Voice tweets, for example, users will be presented with a "See It" button immediately below the tweet. Clicking that will forward them to their web browser, where they'll have the ability to record the episode, set a reminder for when it's coming on, watch the program on their mobile device, or flip their cable box to the channel in question. It's a way of taking a little friction out of the process, turning Twitter into an ad-hoc remote control in the process.

More networks, more cable providers

Originally the platform was somewhat limited: it worked only with Comcast Xfinity and networks owned by NBCUniversal (which is in turn owned by Comcast). With the partnerships announced today, that all changes. Time Warner Cable, Charter, and Cablevision Optimum subscribers will all be able to use See It with their set-top boxes, and a plethora of new networks will offer the feature as well. ABC, AMC, Fox, and FX are among the new partners that will be using See It to help provide easier access to their programming.

See It originally launched in a limited preview last month with the Syfy shows Haven and Naked Vegas, and has since expanded to include a wider array of programming including shows from NBC, MSNBC, and the USA Network. The new partners announced today could join the platform as soon as the first quarter of next year.