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Ego-stroking Twitter Mirror lets celebrities tweet selfies from major events

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Tracey Morgan Twitter Mirror
Tracey Morgan Twitter Mirror

There's little doubt that Twitter is obsessed with celebrities. The company actively recruits high-profile users — last year's creation of the @pontifex handle for Pope Benedict XVI was a major coup, and Twitter's currently working hard to get Amy Poehler and Tina Fey on board. But once it has big celebrities in the fold, Twitter likes to do all it can to keep them happy and using the service. Take the Twitter Mirror, for example — The Wall Street Journal has just posted a look at one of the biggest ego-stroking innovations in some time. The Twitter Mirror is essentially a tablet that gets hung up during major awards shows or in a talk-show greenroom; it lets selfie-craving celebrities take a photo, approve it, and then send it out through the event's Twitter feed. To play to the celebrity ego even more, the Twitter Mirror tablet is adorned with an ornate filigree frame.

Naturally, Twitter executives love it. "Our job is to get everyone at home on Twitter to say, 'Oh my God, watching TV with Twitter is so much fun,' " said Fred Graver, the company's head of TV, to the WSJ. The Twitter Mirror is clearly a key cog in that battle, and the company believes it's a way to get a more unguarded, personal look at a celebrity — as opposed to the carefully curated image many celebrities put out over Twitter now. "The Mirror photos are more of a contrast to the standard paparazzi, red-carpet, step-and-repeat choreography where you see all of the exact same poses in every celebrity gossip mag," says Twitter employee Andrew McClain. That's a bit debatable, but anything that gives us more grainy photos of incredibly wealthy people can't be a bad thing, can it? And if you want to get really meta, there's now a Twitter Mirror Twitter account that retweets the best photos from wherever the Mirror is located.