ATTN: Future Moto G owners (U.S. owners)


This week was suppose to be one I was looking forward to (could still be) in anticipation of having my Moto G shipped, pre-ordered via the day the pre-order opened. store said that all US GSM model orders will be shipping the week of the 9th (this week). 2 days now store reps have been telling me the same thing, that the order is ready and is waiting to be picked up by FedEx. Apparently the weather in Fort Worth, Texas was really bad on Monday after a big storm. Okay, understood I said. Today they tell me that because of the overwhelming orders of the G, orders aren't shipping as fast as they hoped with a estimated delivery by date of the 14th (Saturday).

Now this is shipping Two-Day Free Shipping as provided by and from my experience, unless otherwise specified, UPS nor FedEx do not make deliveries on Saturday.

I am wondering if anyone in the US has received their Moto G yet who actually had it shipped on the 9th. (Bitching complete)