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Moto G deliveries delayed by severe weather

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Moto G review 1020
Moto G review 1020

Some US orders of Motorola's Moto G are delayed due to severe weather conditions. As Android Central reports, Motorola is contacting affected customers individually to inform them of the delay. It appears that the hold-up hasn't affected everyone, as some have received their orders directly from Motorola, but several users that pre-ordered expecting their phones to arrive on the 4th have seen their delivery date pushed back to as far as the 17th. In a letter published by Android Central, Motorola explains and apologizes for the delay, before offering an upgrade to overnight delivery for free.

Although Motorola can't be held accountable for inclement weather conditions, the Moto G issue comes after the company spectacularly failed with an attempted Cyber Monday sale last month. After tempting would-be customers with the promise of a discounted Moto X, Motorola's website went down hard, and the offer was eventually delayed until the following Wednesday. At least, for customers affected by the delay, the Moto G is worth the wait: the budget phone scored highly in our review, which notes it "redefines what a cheap smartphone can be."